• Take a tour

    Scholars Guild Academy meets in First
    Baptist Church Loganville Education
    Building every Tuesday from

    Please contact us if you are interested in
    visiting our school.

  • In the Classroom

    Scholars Guild Academy students are
    taught by qualified and experienced
    teachers who are passionate about their
    subject area and are dedicated
    followers of Jesus Christ.


  • Study Hall

    Scholars Guild Academy students have a place to study between classes, but they can also socialize with their friends.

    A quiet room is offered for those who are looking for some solitude while they study.

  • Graduation

    Scholars Guild Academy offers an annual commencement service.  Our transcript students as well as those not participating in our transcript services are invited to participate.



  • Field Trips

    A trip to the Capitol is an example of
    some of the many fun and educational
    field trip experiences Scholars Guild

    Field trips are planned
    throughout the school year.

  • Student Socials

    Scholars Guild Academy students spend
    time socializing at various events throughout
    the year. They have opportunities to connect
    with their classmates at different activities
    held throughout the year like bonfires,
    FamilyMovie night, Winter Banquet and
    Spring Formal.


Welcome to our Transcript Services


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Welcome to Scholars Guild Academy High School Transcript Service. Scholars Guild Academy is accredited with quality, the highest accreditation level awarded by the Georgia Accrediting Commission to a non-traditional education center.

Scholars Guild Academy supports families in obtaining an accredited high school transcript for their students. Scholars Guild Academy courses fulfill the necessary Carnegie Units that colleges require for admission.  Though transcript services require a fee in addition to normal tuition, participating students often experience a much easier college application process because of accreditation.  

Any student in the 9th-12th grades taking four or more classes, or three core classes, is eligible to participate. Transcript program services include:

  • Accredited transcript preparation
  • Maintaining a transcript-ready student file
  • Referral services for college
  • Guidance counseling
  • HOPE scholarship application assistance
  • Dual enrollment assistance
  • Records transfer to another program if needed

Please see the Scholars Guild Academy Transcript Handbook for specific details about the program.  Our transcript counselor would be happy to answer any other questions you might have.  If you feel the transcript program would benefit your student, we welcome you to participate in our services.