Student Life Committee


The Student Life Committee is a student-led group of select sophomores, juniors and seniors that helps plan social activities for Scholars Guild Academy.  The goal of this group is to facilitate a sense of community and fellowship for our students and families and provide leadership opportunities for the students involved.  The SLC sponsors several events throughout the year:


Family Picnic

Winter Banquet

Spring Formal

Sports Days

Trivia Day



View a picture slideshow of Winter Banquet 2016.17 below:

  • WB2016-6
  • WB2016-7
  • WB2016-29
  • WB2016-36
  • WB2016-41
  • WB2016-43
  • WB2016-51
  • WB2016-66
  • WB2016-75
  • WB2016-96
  • WB2016-106