Scholars Guild Fills Education Niche

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by Sheila Adcock, The Gwinnett Citizen
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The Scholars Guild (SG), located in Loganville, is offering a unique approach to
education for middle and high school students. This is a new, independent study center and
assistance program for home-schoolers, which has been accredited by the Georgia Accrediting
Commission. They offer full time and al-a-carte enrollments for a full middle and high school
curriculum, with a Christ-centered worldview and an emphasis on building character and
leadership. Many of the SG teachers have taught previously in public and private schools and
have a minimum of a Bachelors degree, to accompany their experiences in education or

Jenny Clifford, Scholars Guild President and Director, says, “This program doesn’t
replace home schooling, but works with the home school program to assist parents in giving
the best experience to their home schooled children.” She goes on to explain that there are
three paths to education in Georgia: public school, private school, and home schooling. She
notes, “I am so thankful for the many options for education”, and further explains, “With SG’s
accreditation and transcript service, we offer an additional twist, in that our program allows the
parent to develop the curriculum or come to Scholars Guild to get the accredited diploma. Also,
having the transcript may smooth the process of getting into certain colleges or applying for the
Hope scholarship. While some schools don’t mind a portfolio of documents for the admission
process, having the transcript could make the admission process easier.”

When asked why parent choose home schooling, Clifford offers the following
observations. “The key to success in home