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Theresa is the wife to Joe, and the mother of 2 girls, Samantha and Sara. She has always wanted to be a teacher since she was a child, so it was not long after she entered her profession in medical imaging that she decided to go back to college again.  She has experienced education at all levels in her life starting at public school, followed by technical college to earn her A.S. in Radiography, then transferred to the Medical College of South Carolina to complete her B.S. in Health Sciences, followed by completing her Master’s in Education from the University of South Carolina. She graduated in each of her degrees with academic honors while maintaining a full-time job throughout her education to pay for college. She highly values education and the importance of learning and tries to teach her students to do the same.   Her teaching experiences are wide in colleges, technical schools, professional development programs, homeschool co-ops, an online teaching. She currently is part-time faculty at a technical college teaching cross sectional anatomy, applied physics and pathology courses in medical imaging. She loves the Lord and is actively involved in her church. In her free-time she enjoys camping with her family and friends and reading for relaxation and fun while school is out!

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