Libby Frazier



Other information

Libby is a Christian, homeschooling mom of four, who has been blessed to be married to Steve Frazier.  She has a degree in education with a minor in science from Auburn University. (War Eagle!)   Libby has been teaching in some capacity for over two decades.   She taught eighth grade science until the birth of her first child.  In order to spend more time at home and still enjoy her passion of science and teaching, she began teaching homeschool science classes.  She has had the awesome privilege of staying home with all four children and homeschooling them from pre-school on.  She also has had the pleasure of teaching science classes at Scholars Guild Academy since 2010.  Her goal is to introduce and help create an interest and desire in the field of science while using this field to point to the Creator.   Her hobbies include anything outdoors, Crossfit and spending time with family.   She is excited about the upcoming school year and waiting to see what God has in store.