• Take a tour

    Scholars Guild Academy meets in First
    Baptist Church Loganville Education
    Building every Tuesday from

    Please contact us if you are interested in
    visiting our school.

  • In the Classroom

    Scholars Guild Academy students are
    taught by qualified and experienced
    teachers who are passionate about their
    subject area and are dedicated
    followers of Jesus Christ.


  • Study Hall

    Scholars Guild Academy students have a place to study between classes, but they can also socialize with their friends.

    A quiet room is offered for those who are looking for some solitude while they study.

  • Graduation

    Scholars Guild Academy offers an annual commencement service.  Our transcript students as well as those not participating in our transcript services are invited to participate.



  • Field Trips

    A trip to the Capitol is an example of
    some of the many fun and educational
    field trip experiences Scholars Guild

    Field trips are planned
    throughout the school year.

  • Student Socials

    Scholars Guild Academy students spend
    time socializing at various events throughout
    the year. They have opportunities to connect
    with their classmates at different activities
    held throughout the year like bonfires,
    FamilyMovie night, Winter Banquet and
    Spring Formal.



2017.18 Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

2017.18 Scholars Guild Academy classes will be offered on Tuesday from 8:30 – 5:00 beginning in August and extending through early May with breaks for holidays, including a fall, winter and spring break. Classes will run for 32 weeks with the option for upper level classes to have up to 4 extended sessions throughout the school year.


2017.18 Scholars Guild Academy Academic Calendar*

Updated 1/16/17


August 7, 2017                          Orientation


August 10, 2017                        Extended Session/Freshman 



August 15, 2017                      First Day of Classes


October 10, 2017                      Fall Break


November 21, 2017                   Thanksgiving Break


December 12, 2017                 Last Day of 1st Term


December 14, 2017                   Extended Session


January 9, 2018                      First Day of 2nd Term


January 11, 2018                      Extended Session (please note this

                                                is AFTER the first day back)


February 20, 2018                     Winter Break


April 3, 2018                             Spring Break


May 8, 2018                             Last Day of Regular Classes


May 10, 2018                            Extended Session/Book Sale


May 14, 2018                            Graduation


Note: August 10, 2017, December 14, 2017, January 11, 2018, and May 10, 2018, are "extended session" dates for any classes requiring more than 32 weeks for completion.  Teachers may schedule any or all of these dates at their discretion as they plan their courses for the 2016.17 school year.  See course descriptions for information about class-specific extended session dates.

 *All Dates Pending Church Approval